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Childhood Cancer Rates Climbing in California

The latest data shows that California has more childhood cancer diagnoses than any other state. Most of these diagnoses affect children in the southern portion of the state, from Los Angeles to San Diego.

ECIS Insurance Services is concerned that so many families in our area are struggling with childhood cancer. We know how scary and difficult a pediatric cancer diagnosis is, and we want to assist parents in our area that want nothing more than to help their child through this difficult time.

Ambassadors for Children with Cancer

As #AgentsofChange Regional Ambassadors for the San Diego area, our primary focus at ECIS Insurance Services is to provide meaningful help to families with one or more cancer positive children. We are in the process of supporting a broad range of local programs that provide financial assistance to low income families with a cancer positive child, improve quality of life for hospitalized pediatric cancer patients, and funnel research dollars toward exploring cutting edge techniques and treatments for beating childhood cancer.

A great many families in San Diego need our help, and we can’t reach them all without your assistance.

Be Part of the ECIS Effort

The best way for you to help us is to help us get the word out about this campaign. When you invite your friends and loved ones to come visit us here at the ECIS Insurance offices, we will offer them a free consultation on insurance as well as more information about this ongoing campaign. Afterward, as a way of saying thank you, we will make a contribution IN YOUR NAME to a local program or initiative that is actively working on behalf of children with cancer.

Please Join Us!

Thousands of children in San Diego are counting on us to help them in their time of need. We earnestly hope you decide to join the ECIS team!


Sarah Barkley

ECIS Insurance Services

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