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Accident Insurance

About Accident Insurance

Getting injured on the job is a bad situation. You’re hurt and cannot work, and your income is affected. To make it worse, you will have medical bills and household expenses. The good news is accident insurance can help.

This coverage gives you a financial benefit if you are hurt on the job. It is supplemental coverage often offered as part of a benefits package. Anyone can have this type of coverage, but it is highly recommended for people who cannot survive without their income. This includes self-employed people and people who are the only wage earners in their family. Coverage is also recommended for people with dangerous jobs.

In most cases, this type of policy pays a lump sum if you are injured on the job. Your condition must be certified by a doctor or other health professional. When you’re claim is approved then you will receive the payment.

Some policies might also offer critical illness coverage. That means you will be paid if diagnosed with a serious illness, such as cancer or heart attack.


Accident insurance is beneficial because you receive payment when you are unable to work. There is also no restriction on the money. In other words, you can use the money how you wish.