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Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance Information

Becoming disabled is a bad situation. If you become disabled and are unable to work, then you will need financial help. Disability insurance can help when you are unable to work.

Disability coverage provides financial compensation when you are disabled. Your injury could occur on or off the job. It could also be an illness that makes it impossible for you to work. There is long term and short term disability. In any case, disability helps when you are unable to work. This coverage is recommended for any adult who works full time.

Short-term disability will provide coverage for a two-year period or less. This is because short-term is for a limited time. This is for people who expect to recover quickly and return to work. Long-term disability is for people who need longer to recover or who may never recover. If you become permanently disabled, then long-term disability is what you need.

Disability insurance is beneficial because it helps you financially when unable to work. It is helpful to have financial assistance in your time of need.